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Make Any Surface Virus Free So You Can Stay Safe, No Matter Where You Go

Safe-T-Lite is the hospital grade portable pathogen killer that eliminates up to 99% of viruses and germs on door handles, cell phones, ATMs, and other surfaces in just 5 seconds!

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Powerful Hospital Grade UVC Light Kills 99% of Viruses, Bacteria and Other Germs

Safe-T-Lite employs the same ultraviolet light technology used by hospitals and doctor’s offices to sanitize their equipment and prevent the spread of sickness — now in a convenient handheld device that fits easily in your purse or pocket.

Sanitizes Any Surface!

Shopping Carts

Door Handles

Gas Pumps


Mail & Packages


Sanitizes Any Surface!

The Sanitization Device That Restores Your Peace of Mind

“In these difficult times the Safe-T-Lite wand has brought me peace of mind. Using it makes me feel like I am doing everything I can do to eliminate germs and protect myself and my family.”

DDavid PVerified Buyer

“Highly recommend! I take this with me everywhere! I have one in my purse and one in my car. I've even bought two more for my friends as gifts!”

CCarol RVerified Buyer

“I love the folding stand -- it allows me to sanitize my phone and other frequently touched items easily and for a longer amount of time than me just holding it.”

LLisa MVerified Buyer

The World’s Most Convenient and Effective Personal Sanitization Device

  • Kills up to 99% of bacteria, mold, & viruses
  • Hospital grade UVC light sanitizes every crack & crevice
  • Lab tested
  • Bulbs last 20,000 hours
  • Compact & portable design
  • Starts working in 5 seconds flat
  • Safety shutoff feature ensures it won’t shine in your eyes
  • Safe to use on electronics — won’t damage your phone or computer
  • No alcohol, liquid, or chemicals involved
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Your Cellphone is Dirty

You may touch many things during the day - doorknobs, money, handrails, and more. And every time you touch your devices(phone and computer), you pass the germs from your hands to the device. In fact, the typical smartphone has 18 times the bacteria of a public toilet. It is easy to clean your hands, but hard to clean your phone with the small cracks and not wanting to use harsh chemicals. That's why we created the UV Light Sanitizer.

Keep Safe On Planes, Trains, And In Public Spaces

These days, every surface you touch is potentially dangerous. But with Safe-T-Lite, you can sanitize door handles, ATMs, shopping carts, and anything else you need to touch. It’s the easy and effective way to keep safe while you’re away from home.

You’ll Love Your Safe-T-Lite… Guaranteed

Take a full 60 days to try out your Safe-T-Lite. If it’s not the most powerful and convenient sanitization device you’ve ever tried, just let us know and we’ll provide a full refund with no questions asked.

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Safe-T-Lite is the portable pathogen killer that eliminates up to 99% of viruses and germs on any surface using a hospital grade UVC sanitizing light. Buy now to guarantee your safety and peace of mind anytime you leave the house.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Safe-T-Lite uses a compact yet powerful UVC light that kills germs, bacteria, and viruses on contact. It’s the same technology that hospitals and doctor’s offices use to sanitize their equipment and keep their facilities clean and germ-free.

Absolutely! Safe-T-Lite has a unique safety feature that shuts off if the light is pointed upwards towards your face making sure the light does not shine in your eyes. The UVC light is perfectly safe to use on devices such as your phone, tablet, computer, ATM machines, etc.

Safe-T-Lite’s bulb lasts 20,000 hours and uses replaceable AAA batteries.

Shipping is FREE.